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Mr. Bloom song art

You know

You can’t hide

Red lights,

Eyes open wide


All your girls,

They look inside

Your soul,

Yeah you can’t slide


Look to your lovers

They add up all your days

Your body melts away

Until it’s gone


You just have so much to say it’s

All too soon, Mr. Bloom

You can’t make it go away

You’ve got to choose, Mr. Bloom


That smile,

That mattress noise,

You’ve become

One of her toys


Look to your lover,

It’s written on her face

You both sleep the wrong way

Until she’s gone


Let them in anyway,

You can’t assume, Mr. Bloom,

It’s the price you have to pay

You spelled your doom, Mr. Bloom


You gave her up too soon

She’s with him all this June

You gave her up too soon

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